Cape Wrath preview

Cape Wrath from the air
Kearvaig Bay
The view from the ocean

Jono may well be heading around the fearsomely named Cape Wrath today. This is the north west corner of Scotland and it's a stage that he, and those following him, have been concerned about since he began talking about this trip. It involves a long voyage past rocks and cliffs around a headland that attracts and almost creates its own bad weather. Since two seas meet here the tides and sea state are likely to be difficult. The land and offshore rocks are used for military bombing practice and it's the most remote area in the entire UK. It's the sort of place where all those safety features are going to be vital if anything goes wrong.


The forecast looks ok with consistent wind from the south west. Being picky he'd probably prefer it to be a shade less strong, and would probably like to see the sun instead of more heavy rain that's promised.


There are several beaches he could stop at if he needs a rest, including the beautiful Oldshoremore and Sandwood Bay and a couple of rocky coves but he'll be on his own except for the seals and seabirds.


There's no mobile signal so I doubt there will be much in the way of updates, but the tracker will continue to work as it links direct to satellites.