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High tide and low tide is different across the world, but the world shares springs and neaps

I thought I knew about the tide. There’s either lots of beach cos it’s low tide, or no beach cos it’s high tide.

Fast progress up the Sound of Jura

A very good day's progress on the sail out of Gigha (Thursday afternoon, having let a strong southwesterly moderate).

Updates from me have been a bit few and far between of late, so a few lines from Machrihanish (Mull of Kintyre) having crossed here from Glenarm in Northern Ireland.

The tools of shore support

Jono left the Essex seaside town of Clacton on Sea on 7th June, and six weeks later has reached the eastern coast of Northern Ireland.


Now I'm making my way up the east coast of Ireland (albeit at a leisurely pace these last two days of very light winds) the crossing from Pembrokeshire already seems a long way behind me.

Downhaul tips from Jono's niece

Sailing round Britain has so far been one challenge after another. The technical and physical challenges are there, and these ebb and flow.

Cornwall seemed to have taken pity on me for this last stretch along (more accurate description would be 'off') her shores.

A parting picture from St Ives

A brief update to explain recent pause in progress.

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