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Nine and a half hours to go to the start. It has been a fairly hectic week. Still got to pack my barrel, but that won't take long.

Clacton Pier - new start location - Sunday 7th June

Despite my most diplomatic efforts to have a London start sanctioned I now have to report a change of plans.

Quite far from land

Before I'd committed to round Britain I'd been planning a bit of an adventure with my brother Gregg and mutual friend Ian Leonard (ex-Boards Magazine Test Editor).

Phantom, Bolt, barrel, paddle

Only a month and a half 'till the off, so I've been getting a few more test sails in lately.

Being slightly less competitive, Gregg stopped to take this picture (of me) on the 'race' upwind

Inspired by the previous week's round Hayling sail, I chose another island as destination for Saturday's training session.

Dennis passed away 18th March 2015 after a battle with pancreatic cancer. Rest in Peace, skipper.

An update on the last few weeks.

The Mersea mud. As far as I got. Board is the dot centre of frame.

I deliberately got myself into a slightly uncomfortable situation on my last training sail.

A reasonable estimate at a theoretical shortest distance (with route 1 passage up Irish sea)

A simple and reasonable question to ask; so surely I know the answer, right? Well...kind of. In fact, when I get asked this question I usually go rather vague.

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